The Purple Cow

Pain of Regret > Pain of Discipline.

There’s no better bliss than the one you have when YOU control your day.

And not the other way around.

Discipline is a popular topic among all of my blogposts, partly because I like to remind myself to get disciplined a lot, and generally because, discipline is the key to getting things done.

Especially, getting the RIGHT things done. But what are these right things?

Well, we’re talking about the things that fill your heart with fulfillment, satisfaction and inspiration. Don’t tell me, you can’t do a single thing a day that will bring bliss. I won’t buy that lame excuse.

We all are capable to organizing our daily routines in such a way that we do atleast a few IMPORTANT and HEART-WARMING things.

“If only you could have used your last month to achieve something more productive…”

You see the point. Yes, it’s painful initially to be disciplined. But this pain is no match to the pain regret can bring.