The Purple Cow

Our world is so messed up!


In any super hero flick, the basic premise is that a world is messed up with evil beyond control. And there will come an unstoppable force called ####MAN who will set everything right and solve all our problems, once and for all. 

Wow. What a great story. More importantly what a blatant lie. 

It can’t go any worse than all of the world waiting upon one chosen one to solve all the problems. It simply can never happen. Wake up!

Instead, what if all our problems, big and small can be solved by each of us? What if we all together become that unstoppable force?

History has told us that every single time a group of people have resolved with grit to unite and fight for a cause, it has been accomplished. Ofcourse, it’s not easy. And ofcouse, it won’t happen overnight.

That’s why we need you. The world needs people like you. The believers, the optimists, the unsung heroes, the mentors, the motivators,the doers, the sailors who don’t blame the sea for turbulence but instead can steer us into the shore. 

If all the youth of the world puts aside their egos and smartphones for 1 week, the world will be a whole new place altogether.  

I am in. If you are too, ping me and we can do something together.