The Purple Cow

One big idea.

A few people in the business or creative community ruminate for an hour or a day and scream “eureka”.

That’s it. They’ve gotten the biggest idea of their life yet.

It’s alright so far except that now they start pestering people into buying their idea. No offence, it could really be your biggest idea yet, but honestly, thousands of people get thousands of ideas like that.

It sounds harsh, and especially when I tell myself the same thing.

“The entire world will never surrender for one big idea of yours”.

You’ve got to produce a thousand ideas a day. Or even more sometimes.

What I am saying is, coming up with one idea and expecting people to really notice you and give you credit rarely happens. [or almost never happens]

Consistency. That’s what matters in the real world. 

You could be a brilliant thinker, hey, but can you do that again?