The Purple Cow

Not the absence.

We often under-estimate the importance of fear.

Yes, it sounds ridiculous but having some kind of fear in our mind is actually useful. We, humans, perform best when we are challenged.

It could be a physically impossible task, or a creatively unsolvable problem, regardless, we will be stoked when there is fear of failure involved.

Because then the success not only depends on your skillset but clearly on your sheer will power. And everytime your will power is questioned, you become better out of it and not worse.

The only way you can demonstrate courage is by conquering your deepest fears. We need more courageous people on the planet. Not the ones who hide behind their inabilities and excuses and blame the world around them.

Mark Twain once rightfully said, 

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”

In October 2012, an Austrian man called Felix Baumgartner flew high up to the edge of stratosphere and jumped from space onto the ground with a parachute. 

Are you still complaining about how impossible your next project is?

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