The Purple Cow


It’s a disease no medicine can cure.

You have to forcibly pull yourself out of it. By shifting your habits, by shifting your inspiration, by shifting your belief system and by shifting your attitude.

Look for the light. That doesn’t make the darkness vanish but you will be occupied in doing the right thing, that is, searching for the light.

Friedrich Nietzsche famously said,

“When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you.”

Most of us encounter tons of negativities in our daily life. 

At the coffee shop, on the road, in the newspaper, on TV, everywhere on internet, twitter, facebook, among colleagues, between lovers and even in the family.

People who don’t believe in positivity don’t want others to experience it too.

Gossiping, back-bitching, whining, laziness, hopelessness, arrogance, fault-finding, sarcasm and criticism.

Reject all forms of negative energy.

Be resilient. Believe in yourself.