The Purple Cow

Miracles that no one cares.

I once wrote excellence is a series of giving 100% for seriously small things.
Look at any of the greatest works in history, you’ll find attention to tiny details like crazy.
Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Picasso, Francis Ford Coppola, Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy, Andy Warhol and even Steve Jobs.
They all were incredible perfectionists. Its not optional, it’s how you can get your ideas to the world clearly.
Respect them. Your masterpiece is a 1000 tiny crunches of giving your BEST.

Create miracles everyday. The little ones. The ones that may not matter to people around you. The ones most people skip. The non-obvious ones.

And one day suddenly, when you look back all these tiny pieces of excellence add up and you’ll never believe you’ve done them all yourself.

One of my favorite Indian directors once wrote this in a movie,

When a miracle is happening, there is NO ONE to recognize it,
and when a miracle has happened, there is NO NEED to recognize it.
So why bother, lose yourself in making miracles. People care or don’t, you don’t care!