The Purple Cow

Man of Will = Gandhi.

Martin Luther King once said, “Jesus gave me the message and Gandhi gave me the method.”

The method Dr King is referring to is none other than non-violence.

It bowls me over how a skinny short man could defy the mighty British Empire with almost an impractical concept called non-violence.

He had no guns, no ammunition, no nuclear weapons(like today’s nations), no social media power, and he looks hardly threatening.

Yet he stood for what he believed in. All through out his life. 

It’s a great great message in itself. If you study his life story, you will be astonished at how patient he was in getting what he wanted. He waited, endured, persevered, but never gave up. Wow!

He would repeatedly spend 2 years in prison at a stretch. That’s freakin’ 730 days. We find it difficult to spend 3 hours on a thing. Especially our passion.

For anyone who needs a fresh boost of will power, watch this documentary. I rarely share stuff that isn’t remarkable. You will love it!