The Purple Cow

Make it simple. Not easy!

Does the title sound like a contradiction to you?  

Not to Einstein though. He once said, “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother." 

He was a master of making seemingly complex things look simple. Hell yeah, he brought down the secret of universe into one simple equation, changing the history of science forever.

E= MC2

But it took decades of insight and analysis before he got here. It took numerous walks on the German streets and hitting poles while thinking about it. It took incalculable number of hours groking on his desk being a small time patent-clerk.

Einstein wasn’t famous before he was famous. But he was a fighter. Long time ago. 

While most scientists of his era were busy making things complex, he somehow knew there has to be some simple answer behind this.

And voila, he discovered it. The point is If you can’t make something easy, atleast make it simple. 

Listen to the explanation of this incredible equation in the great man’s voice itself : (click on the image)image