The Purple Cow

Make History or Make Money?

That’s the biggest choice of our life.

Choosing to chase your dreams OR chase money.

That one decision will span your entire life and will define you when you are gone.

And that’s why it’s the hardest decision to make. 

If you look at the crowd around, they feel joyed and elated to say, they wanna chase money. Infact, even our parents and teachers have, in a way, told us to do that exact same thing. 

But only few people out there have the guts to choose otherwise. The alternate ending. The untrodden path. The seemingly ridiculous choice to chase dreams.

But you know what? 

Money comes back at you like a boomerang. Especially when you really desire something, truly, badly, the whole universes conspires to help you achieve it. 

Click on the horses below to watch an amazing video on the same lines.

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