The Purple Cow

Let's tap the cup.

The world is but a community of communities.

The word community is so much more than a mere mob. 

When we watch a movie in a cinema, we are in a mob. Because though we are being together in a group of people, we are actually not being with each other.

Unfortunately, a whole lot of what we do in urban cities is like that. Thousand people live in a neighborhood but no one knows their neighbors. Far less is the question about anyone caring for anyone.

But when a group of people come together, with a singular mission, with a unified passion, heading in the same direction, it truly is thrilling. May be that’s why we love our national sport teams, our soldiers, our Independence movement heroes. Because they did something incredible TOGETHER.

If we stop for a second and think about erasing the invisible lines that divide us, we can all be ONE and make our lives better.

And happier.

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