The Purple Cow

Kick of Joy

Like I wrote once, joy is often a greater experience than pleasure except that it is painfully moderate.

But it is eternal. And it is often inextinguishable.

But the question arises on how we can stand the irresistible temptation of the pleasures and choose joy instead.

It’s simple, by elevating the value of joy. 

Create the kicks. Like how you get in pleasures.

Celebrate the silliest of moments, the tiniest of achievements, the simplest of milestones.

Your cool-new blog design, your cool-new acting lesson, your cool-new guitar riff, your cool-new character in your novel, your cool-new drawing, your cool-new tango step, celebrate all of these. With people who value these and you.

Yes, there’s the sense of satisfaction of having watched every football match or sitcom ever televised on TV, and there’s the sense of satisfaction of achieving your childhood dreams.

Surprisingly, only a few, can make a clear choice. And stick to it.

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