The Purple Cow

Just how many strings do you need to play guitar?

You will find just too many people complain about how they want to learn a certain instrument, but they don’t have either of these two things:

A. Money (to buy a special instrument like guitar, violin etc)

B. Time (to join a well-reputed music school and practice daily)

Well, I don’t need to point out but both of the above excuses are terrible mistakes. What you actually need to learn/master a certain art is will power. And will power comes from passion.

There’s a guy in Jamaica who took the world by surprise when he learnt playing guitar from an old junk shop. 

It sounds dramatic but he had only one string on his guitar. Driven by his passion to make it still work, he made incredible music that took the music community on Youtube by shock.

Brushy is his name. His story is a powerful example of how much we can still do with whatever we already have.

[click below to watch his video]