The Purple Cow

It isn't a numbers game.

Life, that is.

Life is not counted on how many miles you ran or how many twitter followers you have, or how much money you make.

Life is more. 

Passion. Intensity. Desire. Fire in the belly. Guts to follow your heart. Courage to fight against odds. Urge to make a difference. Vision to change the world.

That’s the closest you can quantify life. 

Not by numbers. Never.

If you tie your life’s mission to ‘X’ number of days at the gym, or 'X’ number of dollars you save, or 'X’ number of traffic your site gets, or 'X’ number of books you read, then you probably are losing the actual point.

It isn’t a numbers game. Never. 

PS: Having said that, watch out for my next blog post about '365’.