The Purple Cow

If you never did anything wrong...

then you actually never did anything worthwhile in your life. 

A lot of people that I know want to hide behind the stage. They seem to enjoy the inexplicable sense of safety HIDING brings. 

Oh yeah, if you are in the dark spot, no one notices you and hence you can’t be wrong. And hence you live a life of safety.

I always detest this thinking. You have to be in the spotlight.

In every goddamn thing you do. You have to have the balls (and guts) to stand up for what you believe in, no matter how immature you might be.

It’s not necessary that you take the center stage all the time, but when the big decision making comes into picture, you have to CHOOSE.

And you have to make your CHOICE clear to the rest of the people in your family, friends or social circle.

You are a fool, they might say, if you are following your crazy dream. But which genius has lived a life without being called a fool first?

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