The Purple Cow

If life is a game, are we in the same team?

I hope yes. Because I want to be in your team regardless of what you think of me.  There’s already so much negativity and mindless hatred out there in the big bad world, that by any means, atleast a few of us, should stand up and say, “YOU ARE AWESOME”. (because you are)

If we shift our attention from what’s lacking within us, to what’s possible with being ourselves, anything can be achieved. Forget those naysayers, forget those critics, give them a mental slam, and concentrate on what you can do with this precious gift called ‘life’.

You may not have too many people to pat your back today, but remember energy and passion are contagious. You can help invigorate people around you within no time. It’s about being positive first.

And, if all hell breaks loose, listen to this pep talk (motivational talk) by THE KID PRESIDENT and he will leave his charm of awesomeness on you.