The Purple Cow


well, one day I hope to be.

One a serious note, I definitely want to leave a legacy one day. I definitely want to touch the lives of millions of people. I definitely want to create something incredible that can change the life of an entire generation.

These are my dreams. And if you believe in dreaming big, even your dreams might look similar. 

But, the most annoying question we all face is “where do I get started?”

If you want to become someone bigger than your name, you have to do something bigger than your fate. 

Draw inspiration from people. From the legends you know. From the ones who changed the world. Imbibe the values they had. Do what they did.

Cynics may say, you are actually copying them and you are not unique. I say, don’t give a damn about that.

If you copy the legends, you become their duplicate,

But if you follow the legends, you become their heir.

Follow great men. It is the smallest big thing you can do to get started.