The Purple Cow

How much of life depends on our own choices?

It’s beyond possible explanation how much we choose our own destiny in our lives. 

In every action we do, we create our own result by making a choice.

By studying or not studying for that specific exam, by eating or not eating that specific junk food, by doing or not doing that specific gossip, by preparing or not preparing for that specific interview, we are choosing our own outcomes. 

Some may say, that despite our choices, there is something beyond our control called luck that determines what happens at the end. 

My only arguement to that is, it’s true that luck plays a role. And even at times, luck/fate may alter your plan so dramatically. Yet again, it’s our own choice how you respond to that event. You could sink like a ship with a hole, or rise above your failures like a tide.

The choice I describe above is not about choosing your actions, but also choosing your outcomes, in a way that makes you a better person.