The Purple Cow

How does it feel to write daily?

One word. PAIN.

If you had asked the same question a hundred years ago, my grandfather who’s a farmer would silently open up his palms to show you something. SWEAT. That comes from pain.

Pain is an incredible feelings that teaches you to stand on your purpose. Your belief. Your principle.

Pain is there for a reason, to let you know what kind of material you are made of. 


Most legends I know and follow passionately are made of the second kind. They’ve been defeated, disgusted, dissented yet they fought.

Yet they yearned to follow their heart. Yet they chased their dreams.

If the inner cynic in me ever tells me, there’s no time for following one’s dreams, I’d bash him with a club of confidence.

And remind him of what Charles Bixton said. 

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”

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