The Purple Cow

How can you do your best work again?

Your masterpiece. Your well-celebrated piece of art. Your greatest creative work.

That is what you feel proud about right? That’s the one you cherish a lot? 

Your best work. 

While people may only see the outcome, only you know how hard it was to get there. An how many long and tiring hours it took to make it the way it finally was. This is your best work. And quite deservedly you can be proud about it.

But there’s another reality that annoys us. Which is: You can’t produce the best work all the time. You can’t bring out the best painting always, you can’t win the best debate contest again, you can’t score the winning century again, you can’t make a blockbuster film always.

Whoa, what a humbling reality that is. But here’s the thing, you can surely re-create your masterpiece again, if and only if, you never cared for the outcome. If you just gave your best every single time, definitely, one of them or even better, some of them will be masterpieces. The key is not in the masterpiece, it’s in the mindset.

So, are you giving your best in whatever you are doing today?