The Purple Cow

How can a silicon valley's startup reach Mars?

I can’t wrap my head around the fact that Elon Musk is another human being like you and me.

Not that he is any nobler than Nelson Mandela, or heroic than Gandhi, but simply because he is unprecedentedly transitioning the entire humanity from thinking that Earth is our only home.

At Spacex, which is his ambitious silicon valley startup about space technologies, he and his team are making rockets that even NASA couldn’t help but admire. 

In any rational sense, it is highly unthinkable to challenge a space giant like NASA. But in one of his interviews, he claims that NASA was too boring these days and wasn’t doing interesting enough projects like multi-planetary travel. Passing comments like that on NASA over 3 drinks in a pub is understandable, but what blows my mind off is when he turns those ambitious dreams into reality.

Not many entrepreneurs can be that passionate about what they do that they put their entire wealth at risk. Musk did that thrice for Spacex and Tesla Motors. It demonstrates how much he believes in the vision. It is very important to have a constant faith on your dream no matter what. 

If Elon Musk's dream could be about dying on Mars and not on Earth, then what’s stopping you from dreaming big and believing in it?