The Purple Cow

Hogwarts of Habits.

According to Harry Potter series, if you wanted to make magic, the best place you could go was Hogwarts

Making new habits is equally similar to making magic and it needs a school too. But this time, unfortunately there isn’t a Hogwarts.

You have to build your own school. Within your mindspace. With your own rules.

Matt Cutts and Steve Pavlina has proven it to us that making new habits and sticking to them isn’t really IMPOSSIBLE.

It’s just way too hard. And way too delicate. Yet it’s possible.

Start with a reason. Pause your life. Think how badly you wanna add that new habit to your life. Build your school. Rules. Penalties. Exams. 

And when you are done, you will be a better person. Trust me.

My blog is a testimony of such a habit.  (Click below to watch a quick talk on habits from Matt below.)