The Purple Cow

Greatness isn't born.

One of the things that differentiates the greats from mere amateurs we assume is their greatness.

No. Totally wrong.

Experts in any field, either in athletics, poetry, public speaking or marketing become experts by perennially making mistakes.

They are not afraid to fail. It just so happens that we don’t get to see their failures before they see and rectify them. And that alone is the biggest differentiation. 

If only we could have a scoop into the daily lives of some of the world’s best film-makers, thinkers, TED speakers, authors, poets and fashion designers, we’ll realize how much they value failing. Err, making mistakes.

Thomas Edison who invented the Light Bulb famously said, “I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Maybe, just maybe, our society and culture values success way too much that we actually forget that greatness comes from failures and lessons.

You may simply become good at something if you manage to NOT fail at all, but you can never truly become great unless you fall.

Then why not start what you wanted to do today, and keep failing until you get it perfect?

Always remember greatness isn’t born. It’s grown.