The Purple Cow

Good idea.

Every one you meet has one. Atleast. 

If you stretch hard, it turns out that coming up with good ideas isn’t that hard. Like it used to be in school. 

Some get good ideas in a bar, some on a vacation, some while driving, some while musing in the bed, and some while dreaming. 

And ofcourse, a few lucky chaps get them at the place where it matters most, DESK!

Irrespective of where you get your ideas, it’s extremely important to bring them to the desk. To give them a second thought. A much deeper one.

Now, the real pain starts. Working to translate the ideas into reality. Sometimes, you may have to convince people, arrange meetings, discuss feasibility, make-up new connections, and give-up some part of your life to them.

This is where obsessive people win. Hands down. 

I use the word “obsess” because just focusing on them isn’t enough. You gottta outfocus your competition. And that can happen only if you live in your idea. Not just in the world. 

Don’t worry, you won’t feel alone. Some people in silicon valley are doing that. EVERY SINGLE DAY.