The Purple Cow

Going back is the real going forward.

In periods of lull, inactivity and lethargy, you tend to get carried away without accomplishing much.

Forget about achievements, you are locked up in a false rhythm. The one you didn’t actually voluntarily choose. But the one you are stuck in. Waking up, running a few errands, doing the dishes, eating, going to school/work, and sleeping. This isn’t anything extra-ordinary.

The hardest part is in breaking that rhythm. The second hardest part is finding a new one. 

The bad news is : Initially you might be uber confused and lost about what should be your new rhythm. And how effective it is.

The good news is: There is a clear cut solution to this. Dig up your past, remember the times when you were on a creative high, when you actually built something remarkable [however small that is], and relive those memories. What you’ll notice is a pattern. A very consistent pattern. In doing small things right. In loving the minute details. In not worrying about the final results. In passionately and single-mindedly working on only one thing.


And the only way you can now go forward in your life, is by going backwards and finding this rhythm. Come, let’s go back to those times!