The Purple Cow

Go back to yourself.

There are times when you feel outrageously smart and inexplicably gratified about whatever you do. Everything goes in sink. All things are in harmony.

But then, there are the rough times too.

Nothing works out. Not everything you imagine turns into reality. There is no hope. There is no sense of accomplishment. Worse, there is no sense of belongingness.

That’s when you have to do the best exercise ever with YOURSELF.

Go deeper into yourself. Understand why you feel that annoying anger. Understand what’s the root cause of that disturbance. 

Catch that feeling. And merely crush it down. 

There is no scope of despair or negative energy in your life. It has to go away. Give it the medicine of thought. 

Buddha, Gandhi and Thoreau tried this formula. Looks like it has a terrific track record.