The Purple Cow

Glory vs Glitter.

Following my previous post about glory, I can say it’s not easy picking the right option.

Sometimes there are too many options to choose from. 

Which of them is our perfect passion?

Which of them is more gratifying?

The answer is simple.

The one which certainly is not given to us by someone else. 

We could be tempted into choosing something that others think is right for us.

I call that cheap glitter.

You deserve glory and not cheap glitter. 

And glory can only be earned. Not given.

Today it may be nothing to you, but in course of time, what you choose will define who you eventually become.

So, ask your heart what it wants to do. And train your mind to believe in it.

Gather your guts. Embark on your journey. Bon Voyage.
See you at happiness. 

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