The Purple Cow

Feel like your younger self.

Back then, you weren’t a different species. 

Yet you believed in most things. 

Yet you craved for doing what your heart said and not worried about logic.

Yet you smiled more and frowned less.

Yet you touched more people, loved more people, talked to more people.

Yet you shared what you had, be it your lunch sandwich, winter sweaters, or mathematics homework.

Yet you dreamt bigger than most people permitted you for.

Go back in your memory lane and peep into your childhood once. You didn’t have a different heart and a different set of eyes.

It was all in the openness and faith on life. On your parents. On your friends. On the world in general. 

I totally understand you when you say you have gone through worse things in life since those bright childhood days, but still, you have no reason not to believe in yourself. Believe in others. Believe in this incredible beauty called “Life”.