The Purple Cow

Failure is only temporary if you let it be.

No loss is a big deal in life, when you think of it on a metaphysical level.

7 billion people are breathing oxygen in and out just fine every single minute despite what you are going through. The atoms in your body don’t stop functioning because of your sorrow. To put it differently, the universe doesn’t care about your loss or victory.

Remember these words, especially in your failure. Because, our human tendency to feel sorry makes us feel exactly that: SORRY.

There’s no point crying over spilt milk. A mistake if made, should not hamper your courage of going after your aspirations. It should rather teach you a lesson and remind you of a naked truth that you probably missed before. That is it.

The moment you wake up to the reality that failure is a kind of blessing in disguise, you will be empowered again. When it arrives, it brings some hint of the future. May be its time to change your path. May be its time to unleash some other hidden dimension in you. May be its time to restart from scratch. 

Embrace it. Accept it. Infact, some of the greatest people who walked on this planet before us, have showed us tons of times that they always welcomed failure. Edison while inventing the electric bulb. Lincoln while running for the President. The Wright brothers while building their first airplane. They have failed over and over again. But that didn’t stop them.

Failure is merely temporary if you have the guts to let it be. Brave on!