The Purple Cow

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.

At times of difficulty in life, be it career-related or personal problems, your character is tested to the maximum. Even the simplest of things you usually take for granted become hard to stay. Freedom of thought, action and dialogue are shunned. Privacy is killed. Identity is crucified. Money or more precisely the lack of it, compounds the situation and makes it worse even further.

That is the time you have to gather your sources of mental strength. They could be the books you once read, or your previous journals, or your friends who energize you, or the role models you always admired. You need to build a defense mechanism against all the forces that are crushing you. 

Because, you can’t keep the sun down for too long. However dark the night may be sunk to, when the dawn begins, no one can stop the sun from rising. And remember it is a challenge thrown at you to sustain your faith on what you believe, to rise up to the occasion, to walk on this tough path and prove your perseverance. It simply is a test of your tenacity. 

The pop band One Republic has come up with a catchy beat for their famous single: Counting stars. Even more awesome are the lyrics where in there’s a line that I would like to quote here, 

“Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.”

It is a fantastic way to keep your morale high and NOT give up to your fate. Take every bite of bitterness life gives you and turn it into a great life lesson. Atleast you will be rich with never-seen-before and perhaps will-never-be-seen-after experiences.