The Purple Cow

Every artist is a maverick.

You can’t help it. It’s a given. It’s a must. You certainly have to break all the rules to be an artist. 

From Vincent Van Gogh to Marcel Duchamp, every bit of creative human creation needed going against the wind. A pinch of arrogance. A tincture of rebellion.

But, here’s a tweak. You can’t force yourself into being a maverick. You can’t force your attitude onto other important people in your life, trying to be a maverick. 

Being maverick is being able to bravely say what you feel. Not compelling the world to listen to you. 

Art is yes, an honest expression, but not totally an arrogant expression. 

Great artists know that. That’s perhaps why they are very humble and are aware that only will power  separates them from the ordinary ones. Not any self-proclaiming over-hyped TALENT.

Every artist is a maverick. Totally true. But,

Every maverick isn’t an artist either.