The Purple Cow

Engineering can be boring. Or may be not.

Inauguration speeches, group discussions, extempore contests, debating clubs, creative essays, impressive PowerPoint presentations and short-films.

That was pretty much everything I did in my undergrad. Ofcourse, in the free time, I also took some engineering courses. Haha.

Well, my point is, you can look at your college as an engineering only, geeky-nerdy-IIT-like college that resembles a factory. Or you are welcome to look at it differently.

Like a wonderful launchpad. For all of your creative talents.

I wasn’t a Shakespeare when I joined the college, but I realized I had an urge in me to write. I loved creativity and being artistic. It was, I thought, the only way the world could know how unique I was. Hence, I pushed myself every time at every opportunity that came my way. And boy, my college gave me plenty of them.

Yes, there was resistance from all sides. Including my inside. I didn’t know why I was loving something that doesn’t belong in engineering:  CREATIVITY.

But, here’s the thing. I was wrong. I thought engineering was all about geeky-math equations and differential amplifiers. That’s true though, however, as my life progressed I realized how big of an impact my creativity had in everything I did.

All you aspiring writers, dancers, singers, musicians, photographers and film-makers, don’t wait for the best time to start something. Infact, in my view, the best time was yesterday. The second best time is today. Start working on your dream. And please for heaven’s sake, stop sulking.

Where’s that big opportunity then? 

It’s right in front of you. In a smaller version. Open your eyes!