The Purple Cow

Emotional, Intellectual and Financial.

Satisfaction should be in three forms with the highest priority for Emotional.

Am I in-charge of the most important decisions in my role? Do I have the independence to explore more, learn more and improve? Am I doing the right thing?

Then comes, Intellectual:

Am I producing meaningful work? Have I become a better or worse person? Am I creating something new and original every once in a while? Am I contributing intellectually?

And finally, Financial:

Do I have decent money to live a life doing what I love? Can I afford atleast one lunch outside?

If you have answered more yesess than noes for the above 3 questions, your life is within your command. Your day hasn’t slipped away and you can have a great night’s sleep. 

If by any chance, you have answered more noes for the same questions, you should pause your breezy life for a while and take a deep ponder. Though you might think you are happy, you need to realize satisfaction is something else. And strive for it.