The Purple Cow

Dust your chest off.

Sometimes your clothes get torn by the ghastly winds,

Sometimes the ground you are standing is shaken by the violent quakes,

Sometimes your fist seems to be too small to hold a weapon, 

Sometimes your heart races faster than it ever did, 

Sometimes your vocal chords become number than normal,

Sometimes your life flashes you a story of hopelessness and sorrow, 

Your quest for a meaning in life, your thirst for a purpose of living, your ambiguity on the reason of your existence are questioned.

Then is the time you shouldn’t loose faith. Then is the time you shouldn’t forget who you really are from inside. Then is the time your eyes should look at the vast sky and spot a star. Then is the time you remember that you were meant to be here in this universe, just like that bright star is. Then is the time you should recollect your strengths from the toughest muscle known to mankind: MIND.

Dust your chest off, put on your coating of courage back again, aim at the target with more conviction, and LEAP.