The Purple Cow

Draw a circle and jump out of it.

If there’s a place where you shouldn’t stay for long, its the ‘ordinary’.

Too many things in our life are simply ordinary, be it products, services, movies or architecture, too many.

Because most people like to always adhere to the conventions and thus are simply bounded by the preconceived notions.
But Renzo Piano isn’t one of them.

He is an incredible architect from Italy who won the Pritzker Prize, which is like the Nobel in the world of architecture.

But what makes him special isn’t the award but his thinking. When asked about his blueprint for the design of a museum called California Academy of Sciences, he simply said, 

“I will lift up Golden Gate Park and put a museum underneath it.”
He literally walked the talk and built the world’s greenest museum under the Golden Gate Park. Can you believe it? 

He’s living proof for creativity and unconventional ideas. It’s not about drawing a circle, but thinking out of it is what counts.