The Purple Cow

Don't grow up.

Long long ago you were once a kid.

I’m not sure if you had great salary or a great resume back then but you had great imagination.

You played with crayons, tennis rackets, trees in your park. mathematics, animated objects, sound boxes and toys.

And then you grew up?

The creative geniuses we admire a lot have managed to stay the same (kids) except that their toys have evolved into tools. [professional tools like Adobe Photoshop, Canvases, brushes, keyboards and violins]

Their childish curiosity has sustained still. The hunger to venture into something amazingly new is what keeps them on top of their game. That hunger. That passion. That imagination.

While the rest of us worry, sulk, crib and complain how someone else is going to judge our work. And more importantly how someone else is going to validate our worth.

Has growing up taught us to stop imagining beautiful things? to give up on dreams? to worry too much on others’ judgements? to be afraid to do different things? 

I refuse to believe so. In the midst of failures and fears is when you have to really manifest your truest character.

Remember, it’s not WITHOUT fears that the winners succeed, it’s DESPITE the fears.