The Purple Cow

Doing is the miracle.

A few folks close to me and I are ardent believers in the concept of “doing”.

And also the concept of “miracles” in life.

To shed some light, by “doing”, I mean action. The verb. The progress. The act of getting things done. 

Why is this important?

Because nothing else is. Not the results, the triumphs and defeats can be controlled by you. But the only thing in your hand is the gun. Not the bird. And remember you won’t hit the bird if you contemplate too much and not pull the trigger.

What is a miracle, then?

A miracle works in a mysterious way. It’s the extra-boost someone gives you that dramatically changes your course of life is a positive way. It could be the almighty god, your mom, that-once-angry-boss, a repeat customer or your girlfriend. But someone out there will weave a magic and change your life. 

Why is this important?

Because, that someone could be YOU. By picking yourself, by doing the work that adds value to the lives of people around you, by following your passion devotedly, that magical someone could very well be you.

No, you can’t ofcourse award yourself with the success. But you can make the success come to you. By “doing”.

Thus doing = miracle. No two ways about it.