The Purple Cow

Do you want to grow in life?

“Wanting to grow and attaining growth are two different things. As much as growth is important, just wanting is NOT enough.”

Seth Godin puts it right in your face.

He demands action, fervor, vigor and passion. He calls for men of steel who have the capacity to refrain from mediocrity. 

Many people want to progress in life. No wrong with that. It’s a fair thought. But life is often times NOT fair. And it demands incredible amounts of self-control, sacrifice and tolerance towards pain when things get tough. 

And the question really becomes, how badly do you want to progress in life. Here, most folks drop out. They want it warm. Not hot. They want it sweet. Not bitter.

But like how sometimes a patient needs bitter medicine to become better, you need to slap yourself from your desires.

A tight outright slap. It should awaken your senses, ignite your nerve endings and push you into believing in metaphysical energy. If you are thinking about which sandwich to eat, how cold it is in your city these days, or how not to hurt your loved one’s feelings, it’s over. You simply don’t have the time to think in atomic scale. About karma yoga. About doing. About spiritual energy.

Like I said above, everyone has a belly. 

The ones who badly want to progress in life need to have something else.

Fire in the belly.