The Purple Cow

Do you wanna go far or do you wanna go fast?

A thoughtful dilemma I started facing of late is about how I should shape my character in the coming years.

As a kid, I was reclusive and pretty much an introvert. I was shy, timid and even feared to ask for another paper plate at the free meals in the temple.

But I achieved a lot during that time. I could learn an enormous amount of English vocabulary, memorized the entire geographical capitals/currencies of the world, and almost always was the geekiest kid in the class. All this, because I spent more time with myself.

Then came my teenage, and my mom helped me shatter my imaginary shells of fear. She instilled in me a great sense of self-confidence that I could easily walk into random groups of people and trigger a conversation, and sometimes even make great friends right there. I quickly mastered the dynamics of fame, charisma and maintained a huge set of good friends who loved me and wanted to take part in everything I did. I lived life to the fullest. I became more adventurous, more hilarious and built some amazing memories regarding love, friendship and fun. All this, because I spent more time with people. 

Then suddenly, after coming to the US, I’ve unintentionally become solitary to work on my passions and thus lost the midas touch.

From being surrounded by people, now I’m being surrounded by dreams. (or atleast bits of that)

People give memories. Dreams give a sense of purpose.

What is more important in life? 

I guess,its a tough question.It varies from person to person. But you can only ask your heart and do what it feels. 

But what surely I learnt during this journey is: If you are with yourself, you will go much faster in life. And if you are with people, you will go much farther in life.