The Purple Cow

Do you have F&D in you?

Every major corporation in the world progresses mainly because of a special unit called “R & D”.

R&D stands for Research and Development and this is the division that  decides the future of the company. 

The concept of R&D can be extended to people as well. For our interviews, for our class exams, for our diet and for our diseases, we do a lot of R&D. We do our own information gathering and a little bit of research on so many things. That keeps us ahead in the game. .

But what, according to me, is the most vital unit of our character is something called “F&D”.

It drives everything. The body, mind and the soul.

Right from enabling us to concentrate on what we are doing, and pushing us through the pain of working it out. 

It’s called Focus & Discipline.

In this era of multi-tasking, super-distractive gadgets, and mindless entertainment, the one who can WORK on important things with sheer focus and deadly discipline is close to a MONK.

Pause your life. Detach from your distractions. Think about it. Think hard about it. It’s only ONE LIFE. THIS LIFE. 

How can you make it great?