The Purple Cow

Discovery needs a purpose.

Most people like the notion of “life happing to them”. 

They believe in pretending as if they have no control on any single bit of their life and thus relax and rest. [read as rot]

Complacency and laziness are siblings. Their common mother is “purposelessness”.

People without a goal or vision in their life are the ones who believe in luck greatly. 

They think luck will happen to them, like how they think life also happens to them.

Turn the pages of history and you’ll NEVER find a single hero who fought without a desire to win and and luckily won the war. 

Life doesn’t happen to you. You happen to life. 

A major portion of everything in your life is within your hands. You can design, desire and shape up your life.

Don’t wander for luck aimlessly. Instead fight for your dream tirelessly.

Any great discovery is 90% desire, 10% luck. 

Which side are you banking on?