The Purple Cow

Courage is a muscle.

If you take a tiger and feed it with enough negativity and sluggishness, it will surely start thinking like a cat.

I’ve experienced it multiple times in my life. 

Sometimes I act like the strongest man I’ve ever known, other times I am a sissy. I am not talking about physical prowess, though, it is a part of the courage I am referring to but mainly about mental strength.

Decision making, confidence, will power, fearlessness. These are traits of a leader. And you can’t afford to NOT have them when you know you have a big vision. 

Yet at times, the situations around you, the environments where you reside pull you down from your strongest self with doses of negativity, hopelessness and general pointless fears of life.

If you confine yourself within your 4 walls, worry mainly about which luxuries/fun you are missing today, and keep comparing your life with every Tom-Dick and Harry, you can never be brave. 

Bravery begins with disregard. Total disregard to comfort zone and status-quo. Build a mini-world around your ideas, your passions, your strongest desires, and your vision, and suddenly you start taking the plunge. You’ll start believing that you can do it. You’ll start worrying less about fears and shall focus more on your impact on the world. 

Suddenly, your hearts pumps the blood of courage and guts to your body. And the cat will realize its not the paws that makes a tiger a tiger, its the guts!

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