The Purple Cow

Comfort Zone Sickness

Every now and then, you should rattle your comfort zone. 

For mountaineers, or deep sea divers, this isn’t a big deal. Because, naturally their life is always risky and on-the-line.

But what about others? What about us?

The software programmers, the bankers, the managers at malls, the lawyers, the doctors, the plumbers, the real-estate brokers.

We get so used to doing our “limited” stuff that we don’t realize we are not innovating anymore. Innovation comes from thinking outside the boundaries and breaking some rules.

Which in turn creates some disruption and pushes you out of your comfort zone. So, next time you are doing something new, and you are feeling kind of strange, it means it is good. 

Not all people will like you though, but the ones that do will really stand by you. Because you cared. To try something different.