The Purple Cow

Chasing a passion to Napa Valley.

I write this blog primarily for people with passion. The entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The ones who are struggling to stand up on their two feet. The ones feeling restless in their current jobs and want to make a difference. The ones who believe there is more to do in this life than merely earn a buck. The game-changers. The misfits.

And the other reason I write is because via this blog I get a chance to explore, read, investigate and research about a lot of role models and inspiration figures.

Here’s a story of one woman who 4 years ago sold everything and moved across the country to Napa Valley to start a, guess what?


Yes, Sarah Francis’s passion was to make the world’s best wine. Sounds strange for a woman to have such an ambitious goal? You bet!

But she is a misfit.

I was amazed at how insanely intimate she was to her wine and even considers it as an art. Recently, she was interviewed by Robert Scoble (another incredible blogger you should follow), and here’s a snippet of what she had to say:

If you are an entrepreneur doing what you love, and surrounding yourself with people that are elevating you, challenging you and bringing you up further, then you are gonna find that you get an energy from it., where you don’t get exhausted like other people. You will get tired but it doesn’t wipe you out like a normal job would, instead, your mind works faster and harder and gives you hundred million new ideas.

Woah! It is a great great advice which emphasizes that you should surround yourself with like-minded people.

Watch the rest of her brilliance in this video below: