The Purple Cow

Charity 2.0

Like an old Malagasy proverb rightfully says, “Poverty won’t allow you to lift your head, and your dignity won’t allow you to bow it down either. ”

Poverty is one great difficulty for which a smart solution is yet to be discovered.

While many of us are whining about poverty and what governments should do to eradicate it, Acumen fund, is following a different approach.

They are connecting some crucial dots. 

The dots that can change the face of the world. Forever. 

By finding new and smart ways to connect 21st century ideas with a monstrous problem like poverty, Acumen fund is making ripples in history.

They’ve redefined charity by asking us not just to donate. But to invest in businesses. 

Businesses that are making life better for the poor.

Check their website, and donate if you can!

Kudos Acumen.