The Purple Cow

Change someone.

What a great feeling it is to wake up in the morning thinking to yourself,

“OK, let me change someone today.”

Not everyone can do that though. Far from doing it, not everyone are audacious enough to even think that they can bring change.

But history tells us that over and over again, a set of crazy people tried to push the envelope. 

With your vigor, energy and optimism, you can make someone’s life atleast one percent better. Be positive and hopeful. Optimism has never killed anyone. 

How can you change your relationship with your boss today? With your Professor? With your mother? With your long forgotten friend? With your neighbor? 

How can you be more proactive, more appreciative, more enthusiastic and more focused on your goals? 

It’s not easy changing someone everyday, but it isn’t impossible to change yourself atleast. And for your own good.

I know a man who does that every single day. Seth Godin.