The Purple Cow

Can't see. Can hack!

Most of us have a popular disease called “self-pity”. 

It sprouts from believing that we are doing our best by just sleeping, bathing, eating and excreting. And anything else is actually quite burdensome and unnecessary. 

This disease acts as a fantastic excuse for laziness, inaction and negativity. We crib, we laze, we booze, we yawn and we sulk.

We expect the world to be at our feet, if not atleast money and success at our reach. 

Out there, the reality is something different. There are incredible people with impeccable fire in the belly fighting hard to live their dreams.

One such example is a guy who can’t see (legally blind), and yet managed to self-teach web design and digital strategy. After 3 years of struggle, he knows more about web than any average IT employee in India. A huge shout out to Raghava. [Catch this webisode from Chai with Lakshmi]

It’s a feeling beyond shame if we can’t live a meaningful life. A life without a goal. A life without a value. 

Raghava’s eyes failed only his eye-sight. Not one bit of his vision.