The Purple Cow

Can the whole be greater than the sum of its parts?

The worth of any great business, organization or a political party, lies not in its mission statement but in its members.

Because, a mission merely becomes a random collection of words if the people involved don’t believe in it collectively.

The feeling of togetherness is very hard to sustain in a group if all of its members are acting selfishly. There has to be good communication between them, there has to be good understanding, and once in a while, someone must lead the group by sacrificing their ego.

You could be a rockstar in your field, but if you want the group to succeed, you should very soon forget that and be humble. You may not get the attention you would have gotten if you played alone, but hey, in the end, it will all be justified. Everyone will get the piece of cake they deserve. No second measures.

Apple did it. The Beatles showed it. US Army in the World War II proved it. Indian Cricket Team in World Cup 2011 did it. 

When the whole is greater, much much greater, than the mere sum of its parts, then, that whole can change the world.

Remember this whenever you join a team. Or leave one.