The Purple Cow

Being wrong is important.

It won’t take more than ten thousand hours to master any art. Infact, you will become so good that you will create your own style of doing it.

Since you have gotten this far, you always strive to be right. All the time.

This could be troublesome. And counter-productive. Because a masterpiece isn’t born out of the desire to be right. 

But infact, any work that’s regarded as creative is often produced from the desire to be exactly that. Creative.

And you can’t get to the level of creative, if you are NOT willing to fail. 

You’ve gotta embrace failure like you enjoy success. You have to understand being afraid to try new ideas is a bigger threat to creativity than the failure itself.

The impeccable Apple designer who radicalized the way computers, iPods and iPhones look, Sir Jony Ive summed this up in a brilliant sentence in an interview.

“I like to be wrong. I’m excited when I’m wrong because then I’ve discovered something new. “