The Purple Cow

Be nice to people.

You will immediately remember your mom saying that to you from childhood:

“Be nice to people.”

But infact, one of the world’s most influential social entrepreneurs says the same thing all the time as well. 

Jimmy Wales is an incredible man in my view. He had the guts and daring vision to dream up something like Wikipedia and bring it into existence.

During the SOPA/PIPA protests, Wikipedia shut down just for one day and the whole world went berserk. It has become indispensable now for many individuals, government and corporations alike.

Yet the man himself is down to earth beyond belief. I had met him in 2009 at IIT Bombay and was stunned by his modesty. 

Take a look (below video) at how he openly states that despite all of his irreplaceable contribution to all of us, he considers he is over-estimated. No one half as important as Jimmy would say that.

He never lets his success get to his head, that’s why perhaps, he has the time and energy to focus on bigger things that can change the world.