The Purple Cow

Be a Rockstar.

We’re all born rockstars but as we grow up, the stars go away and we remain as rocks.

Rules and rubrics reign our day. Not the imagination and curiosity.

I sometimes feel, we are all so brainwashed into the system of “great-schools-great-careers” thingy that we’ve given up choosing what’s really special to us.

We’ve started to ignore what makes us feel connected, what makes us feel complete.

Society, ofcourse has to be blamed. But it’s like blaming the alarm clock for not waking you up from the bed.

The onus is upon you. Not anybody else. 

Imagine if you woke yourself up. If you told the clock what time it is. If you told the society what actually matters in your life. If you decided how your life should be.

Great schools, great careers bullshit. Leave that to folks who only want to mint money and make merry. You mint courage and make history.

Be a rockstar, again! [Click to see this incredible video]